How I do my computing

(Inspired by computing pages of rms and Leah Rowe)


My main computer is a soon-to-be-librebooted ThinkPad X200. This is the machine I use the most in or out the house. I also own and occasionally use a Dell XPS 15 more as a “Desktop”, and a ThinkPad X220T tablet I use when reading (and annotating) research papers.

I also have the privilege of having access to a fleet of beefy servers through our school’s Computer Science Club, which I use for some heavier computations every now and again.

GNU/Linux distros

I’ve used a large number of GNU/Linux distributions throughout the years, but as of late, my favourite distros are Guix System, Trisquel, and Debian (with no contrib or nonfree). I’m also hoping to find some free time to help with the rebooting of gNewSense. I mostly use the Linux-libre kernel. Guix System comes with Linux-libre by default, and on Debian-based distros I install it from jxself’s APT repository.

Actual computing

I spend most of my time inside GNU Emacs.

Cell phone

I have an old Nexus 5 I reluctantly use from time to time. It runs LineageOS+microG without GApps. Sadly it still requires some blobs for functioning. I can’t wait for lxo’s 0G to become a reality fast enough :)