How I do my computing

(Inspired by computing pages of rms and Leah Rowe)


My main computer is a soon-to-be-librebooted ThinkPad X200. This is the machine I use the most in or out the house. I also own and occasionally use a Dell XPS 15 more as a “Desktop”, and a ThinkPad X220T tablet I use when reading (and annotating) research papers.

I also have the privilege of having access to a fleet of beefy servers through our school’s Computer Science Club, which I use for some heavier computations every now and again.

GNU/Linux distros

I’ve used a large number of GNU/Linux distributions throughout the years, but as of late, my favourite distros are Guix System, Trisquel, and Debian (with no contrib or non-free). I mostly use the GNU Linux-libre kernel. Guix System comes with GNU Linux-libre out of the box, and on Debian-based distros I install it from jxself’s APT repository.

Actual computing

I spend most of my time inside GNU Emacs.

Cell phone

I have an old Nexus 5 I reluctantly use from time to time. It runs LineageOS+microG without GApps. Sadly it still requires some blobs for functioning. I can’t wait for lxo’s 0G to become a reality fast enough :)